Davao Specialty Restaurants

Davao Specialty Restaurants
A list of specialty restaurants in Davao City and the rest of Davao Region. If you know a good restaurant not listed here, please comment below so we can check it out.

Davao City

Cucina Ilocana
Offers authentic Ilocano dishes such as bagnet, empanada and a lot more

Davao Pers Satti Haus
Offers authentic Tausug delicacies like Satti, Piyanggang and Tiula Itum

Food For You
Offers both Filipino and Indian Cuisines like chicken tandoori, chicken & fish curry a lot more.

Majid Kebab
Offers the best Persian Kebab in Davao City

Pakfry at Palovince
Offers one of the best Pakfry in the city

Rumah Kari
Offers Indian and Malaysian dishes

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