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Go on a Wings World Tour at TGIFridays

TGIFridays takes you on a food crawl around the world with five scrumptious versions of its famous chicken wings inspired by places on the culinary map known for their big, bold and sophisticated flavors. First stop is Thailand whose cuisine is a gastronomic euphony of spicy and sweet, fresh and fragrant, sour and pungent. Fridays’ Honey Sriracha Wings is a modern take of rustic Thai flavors – sweet and spicy wings topped with pickled jalapenos and served with homemade bleu cheese dressing. From one of China’s classic dishes comes the lip-smacking Kung Pao Wings. Traditionally stir fried with Szechuan peppers and peanuts, Fridays’ version is tossed in the restaurant’s own chili blended sauce and finished off with chopped fresh cilantro and toasted nuts. Italy’s prized ingredient, parmesan cheese – with its intense, tangy, and sharp taste – is the main star of this Italian-inspired antipasto. Tossed in creamy parmesan with fresh thyme and served with cool r

New Restaurant : Dinagat Resto Bar

I had a chance to sample Dinagat's sumptuous offering before its Grand Opening at Gmall of Toril in Davao City. Dinagat Resto Bar is an alfresco restaurant and bar that serves both Filipino and Japanese dishes. It is located at the upper ground floor of Gmall of Toril, about 20-30 minutes away from the city center. The restaurants serves both lunch and dinner. At Dinagat, you'll surely enjoy delicious food at very affordable prices. Be prepared to feast on their fresh seafoods! As they say, when it's grilled, it's good. Dinagat offers an array of seafood goodness as well as other meat options. You can choose to have their grilled tuna and other variety of fish, chicken barbecue, tempura and a whole lot more. Dinagat Resto Bar Owners Chef Hideaki Yoshioka and Arnold Martinito Some of their specialties are Onion Jungle, a caramelized onion rings perfect to start your meal and Otoro Sashimi with their own special sauce.  Onion Jungle (P79)