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Zookal: The Free Mobile Reviewer-on-the-Go

Good news! Filipino students can now review for their entrance exams and other achievement tests for free while on their mobile phones. A new educational app is now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store  to help students and young professionals review for the tests they are going to take for free. Zookal utilizes mobile technology to help make learning more affordable and accessible to Filipinos, particularly for those without access to resources like review centers, as well as expensive reviewer materials. Whether you are taking an entrance exam, a civil service exam or a board exam, Zookal can help you achieve better success rate by availing their free practice reviewers. The app intends to equalize opportunities for Filipino students to pass entrance examinations to universities, and other achievement tests with review materials that can be easily accessed via their mobile phones. Zookal, which was launched to the Philippine market recently already re