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Adventures of Chito Samontina

You may have spotted a tall, tough-looking tattooed man weaving through the crowded lanes of the Roxas Night Market or having soup before the break of dawn in Bankerohan market. Or perhaps, you see him on his weekly TV show, Byaheng DO30, and know him as Kol Chito. Chito Samontina, the adventurer whose video blogs of his travels and street discoveries go viral. His name is a social media brand, and this loud and proud DavaoeƱo turns to another Davao brand for his grooming—Rocky’s Barbershop. If you’re a fan of Chito Samontina, then you must be one of the tens of thousands of followers on Facebook and multitude of viewers of his viral videos who look forward to his next street adventure post. Chito delivers his stories proudly in “bisaya”,” which is very endearing, but his proficiency in the English language is as remarkable. But whatever dialect and language he speaks, this man’s voice can command attention. Get to know Chito Samontina, his path to becoming one of Da