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Rocky’s Barbershop launches online promotion

Rocky's, the first barbershop in a mall, launches its September promotion entitled #iLoveRockys. Up for grabs are Rocky’s fragrances, 1996 and Adventure. 1996, Rocky’s signature fragrance pays tribute to the year the first Rocky’s branch opened in Victoria Plaza Mall. Classic and traditional is what the 1996 perfume exudes. It is woody, aromatic and musky with lemon and lavender on the top notes, tarragon and thyme for the middle notes and patchouli and musk for the base notes.   Adventure embodies the young, daring and modern “ Rocky’s Man” – fresh and full of optimism. It bears a light and fresh citrus, woody marine fragrance with lime and bergamot for top notes, cedar wood for middle notes and grey amber and musk for base notes. Here’s how would you can score a bottle of 1996 or Adventure for free. The promotion is open to all Davaoeños with a personal Facebook and/or Instagram accounts (with their face photos on the accounts) in Davao City only.

Marco Polo Davao's Silk Road Iced Coffee

A few days ago, I, along with other bloggers and media friends participated in a one-of-a-kind experience at Marco Polo Davao . The hotel introduces the new Silk Road Iced Coffee to the members of the media and bloggers. Instead of the usual media launch, Marco Polo Davao came up with a fun event leading to the launch of the new product. It was like an amazing race where we had challenges and pit stops before the main event. It was fun and entertaining. Created from overnight-infused coffee flavoured with cinnamon syrup and milk, the Iced Coffee consists of a blended frappuccino poured into a swirled, chocolate-glazed glass symbolising the roads well-travelled of the Silk Road. Topped with marshmallow, burnt gold-peaked meringues are flambée-finished by blow torch, emanating the sun-glinting mountains along the legendary route. The iced beverage will be presented with a fresh cookie smothering marshmallows and chocolate between Graham crackers, warmed to perfection, invitin

Changing The Way How People Feel About Insurance

FWD Life Insurance Philippines may be a new player in the insurance industry but it is gaining popularity and has paved its way to becoming the fastest growing life insurer in the country. The author of I Love Davao had a chance to sit down with some members of the FWD Sales Team in Davao City along with other members of Davao Digital Influencers, Inc . It was an enlightening experience and we all learned a lot from the FWD team. The FWD team talked about insurance in general as well as their success stories, values and how FWD helped them improve their lives and their clients.  Meet the FWD Sales Team Maria Theresa Pia Zamora Maria Theresa Pia Zamora or simply Pia is an Area Sales Head of FWD Life Insurance Philippines. She currently manages FWD’s Bancassurance sales operations in Davao. Pia is a graduate of BA Communication Arts major in Speech Communication from the University of the Philippines Mindanao. She previously worked as a Sales Trainer from