Changing The Way How People Feel About Insurance

FWD Life Insurance Philippines may be a new player in the insurance industry but it is gaining popularity and has paved its way to becoming the fastest growing life insurer in the country. The author of I Love Davao had a chance to sit down with some members of the FWD Sales Team in Davao City along with other members of Davao Digital Influencers, Inc. It was an enlightening experience and we all learned a lot from the FWD team.

The FWD team talked about insurance in general as well as their success stories, values and how FWD helped them improve their lives and their clients. 

Meet the FWD Sales Team

Maria Theresa Pia Zamora

Maria Theresa Pia Zamora or simply Pia is an Area Sales Head of FWD Life Insurance Philippines. She currently manages FWD’s Bancassurance sales operations in Davao.

Pia is a graduate of BA Communication Arts major in Speech Communication from the University of the Philippines Mindanao. She previously worked as a Sales Trainer from another insurance company where she handled licensing training for newly-hired financial advisors and monitored their sales performance to ensure monthly sales target are reached.

Pia shared that with FWD Life Insurance, she felt more secured. As a single mom, she believes that FWD can give her and her daughter a brighter future. She said that FWD is true to its tagline to always get ready to live your life. She added that, there’s always pressure in work in any industry but at the end of the day, what’s more important is when she’s able to help people with an informed decision. Know more about Pia.

Mary Joy Corilla

Mary Joy Corilla is one of FWD’s top-notch Financial Solutions Consultant. She's only been in the company for a year but she has already received various recognition for her passion and dedication to helping and educating her clients to come up with an informed decision when dealing with insurance and investment. 

Joining FWD gave Mary Joy a harder challenge than she could ever imagine but it did not stop her in pursuing her career in the insurance industry. From being a Med Rep, she moved to being a Financial Solutions Consultant. With FWD, she was able to provide for her family and was able to travel abroad because of FWD’s incentive programs. Know more about Mary Joy.

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